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January/February 2002

Our 51st Issue (Volume 10, No.1)

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LittleClickers columns for kids

New Year's Resolution 2002: We will not let General Protection Faults keep interactive media from our kids.

Shopping for a new computer? If so, you'll agree that these are some exciting times. For $850, you can get a system that is 100 times faster than just a few years ago. Within the past four months, we've seen a major new operating system from Microsoft, OS X on the Mac, and two completely new game consoles&emdash; Xbox and Game Cube&emdash; boasting the most impressive and exciting graphics and gameplay we've ever seen.

But innovation has a price. When I tried loading Harry Potter on a new Dell running Windows XP, an error message popped up telling me that I have a "Critical Error, General Protection Fault, History AppInit". Which programmer thought that one up? I'm not the only one struggling. Our local school district has been having a terrible time, having switched from stand-alone PCs and Macs to a Windows 2000 network. Many of their old Sunburst and Tom Snyder programs no longer work. And then there's the Internet, truly amazing, but clunky and unpredictable.

Am I ready to quit? No way. Watching a group of kids play with Microsoft Zoo Tycoon reminds me why we can't give up on children's interactive technology. Using this captivating sim, kids learn how to balance budgets, pay attention to detail, and apply higher order thinking skills in an authentic context. Today's children don't care about operating systems any more than they care about the engine in your car. They just want things to work.

2002 will go down as another year of growing pains....but we will make it through with patience, persistence and voice. The next time you get a "General Protection Fault", make some noise. Fill out the form at and we will relay your feedback directly to the publishers. We'll also post your feedback right next to the program review to inform others.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this issue of CSR.

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