January/February 2003

Our 57th Issue (Volume 11, No.1)

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LEGO Creator Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
American Idol
Prealgebra Solved!

Beer in Toy Stores?

Demonic Dogs?

Microwaves in Classrooms?

Just a few of the fun things you'll find in this, the very first issue of CSR for 2003.
Our feature story developed after we reviewed the seventh, and best ever Nancy Drew title (Ghost Dogs), and thought to ourselves, "great game, but is this a valuable learning experience for kids?" The answer is clear. Games like Nancy Drew are wonderful exercises in one of the most valued types of higher order thinking in the curriculum&emdash; deductive reasoning. So we decided to take a closer look (page 4).
From our research department comes two important articles. The first is a comparison of the 2003 encyclopedias, all of which have dropped in price and improved in quality (page 6). Also in this issue is our annual Gender Survey (page 27) which shows that software producers continue to favor boys over girls.
Teachers will enjoy reading about very affordable gadgets like wireless digital thermometers, walkie talkies and microwaves that can make their classroom day easier (page 23).
Finally, we're fed up with irresponsible toy stores who sell Mature rated videogames, and think it is time for them to stop. Either that, or they should start selling beer and cigarettes, right alongside the stuffed animals. There are simply better things for kids to do with their childhood than to spend time with nasty language and themes. Read more on page 28. We hope you like the issue, and look forward to a great 2003.
Sincerely yours,
Ann, Ellen and Warren
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