July/August 2003

Our 60th Issue (Volume 11, No.4)

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News (Dot Kids Domain, N-Gage, Sims on GBA)
LittleClickers: Fish Sites
All-Star Software Awards
Parent's Videogame Advisor-Sure... Videogames can make your child smarter...
All Star Awards for Games
New Media Mall (ads)
Directory of New Releases
Fall Forecast '03
Sony's New Eye Toy
Finding Nemo Software
Kid-Sized Mice
How Kids (Really) use the Internet: An Interview with Peter Grunwald
Preschool & Kindergarten
Early Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle & High School
School Supplement
The Wiggles: Wiggle Bay
Math Missions K-2: the Race to Spectacle City Arcade
Disney Toontown Online
JumpStart Advanced 3rd Grade
Middle School Advantage 2004

Welcome to the summer issue of Children's Software & New Media Revue! Let's start with some good news. Despite all the gloom in the general economy, we're seeing more children's Interactive Media titles than ever before -- 50% more in fact than last year! And some of the products we've seen are--well-- incredible.

Starting on the next page, you'll find our annual Fall Forecast, where we provide you with a quick overview of what's coming, including new AI techniques to make your Sims reproduce, a new camera for the PlayStation, one of the best I Spy's ever made, and a clever new simulation called School Tycoon.

Here's some other interesting news from the research world. First, we take a closer look at the study behind the headlines "videogames make kids smarter" (page 18). We also interview Peter Grunwald (page 22), who tells us that some kids are spending more time with interactive media than watching television&emdash;or they're doing both at the same time. OK, enough research. We hope you enjoy this issue of CSR. Keep sending your reviews and questions.

Sincerely yours,

Warren Buckleitner, Editor

Our mission is to improve the quality of childhood by harnessing the power of interactive media.

CSR is a publication of Active Learning Associates, Inc., an independent, educator-owned company dedicated to providing unbiased, critical reviews of children's interactive media. Subscriptions include online access to all reviews. To start a subscription, please call 800-993-9499 from 9-5 EST or use our secure subscription form.
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