March/April 2003

Our 58th Issue (Volume 11, No.2)

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The Future of Kids' Computing
Paper Based Computing Evolves
In the Works
Tribute to Fred Rogers
LittleClickers: Common Cent$
All-Star Software Poster
School All-Star Awards
School Supplement
Internet Security: The Article that Never Was
NEW COLUMN! Parent's Videogame Advisor (PDF)
Keys to Success: Tweens, Teens and Typing
New Media Mall
Straight From the Testers
Directory of New Releases
Directory of New Releases (March 03)
Preschool & Kindergarten
Early Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle & High School
Rainbow Fish, The Most Beautiful Fish in the Ocean
Help Me 2 Learn Phonics 1b
Dogz 5
Mozart's Magic Flute the Music Game
QuantumPad: Above and Beyond Series&emdash;Time for Kids Making Movies
SimCity 4
Mission Possible: World Geography
MTN's Model Railroad Simulator
National Geographic years CD-ROM Collector's Edition

If somebody came up to you on the street ten years ago..

and said that they'd shrunk an entire IBM PC down to the size of a paperback book, gave it a color touch screen, and loaded it with hours of quality software, you'd think they were crazy.

At Toy Fair last month, three different companies previewed just such a device. This is great news for everyone, especially for kids stuck on long bus rides, or parents who can afford a Game Boy, but not a Dell. We think we'll see an entire new line of quality software for these devices. Be sure and check out our previews of these exciting new platforms, starting on the next page.

This issue of CSR brings you 150 new reviews, plus the launch of a new column&emdash; Parent's Videogame Advisor. Here's where you can find all the latest console news, straight from our team of experienced game interns. Please let us know what you think of this new column. And as you read this, we'll be over in Bologna Italy, awarding the Bologna New Media Prize. Look for a profile of the winners in our next issue. Until then, "Ciao," and happy computing.

Ann Orr, Sr. Editor, CSR
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