May/June 2003

Our 59th Issue (Volume 11, No.3)

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From the Editor
Littleclickers: Let's Make Music!
All-Star Software Poster
All Star Awards for Education
Key to the Ratings
Parent's Videogame Advisor: Which Game Console is Right for Your Family?
All Star Games
New Media Mall (ads)
Mailbag: Windows XP Tips
Dust or Magic: The State of the Industry
Directory of New Releases
BNMP 2003: The Quest for Excellence Continues
New Pixter Software
Preschool & Kindergarten
Early Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle & High School
School Supplement
Flash Action Phonics Made Easy
Piglet's Big Game
Krazy Art Room
Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster
Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory
Dolphin Don's Music School
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
The Quarter Mile Math

Music is in the air... this issue of CSR, with reviews of two exciting new music programs (page 10), plus musical explorations on the Internet. If you've never sat down with a child and LittleClickers, this is a great way to see what the Web is good for.

We've also started a new occasional column for publishers, called "Dust or Magic" that will pick up on the themes from our design seminars. In this first column, we ask some experienced publishers what they're working on, and what excites them the most about the latest technology (page 22).

But the most important discovery in this issue of CSR is the excellence in product development going on around the world. Take Fritz and Chesster; a new chess tutorial fresh from Germany, that is now being distributed in English in the USA (reviewed on page 9). Being able to tell you about this kind of quality software makes our job completely worthwhile.

Finally, you're probably noticing that this issue of CSR looks more like a newsletter than previous editions. Perhaps we're maturing. We feel this look is more in our spirit... less gloss, more straight talking reviews. We're keeping our focus on covering, as completely and accurately as possible, the interactive products that touch the lives of our children. We always welcome your reaction to these changes.

Have a wonderful spring,



Warren Buckleitner

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