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November/December 2001

Our 50th!!! Issue (Volume 9, No.6)

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LittleClickers columns for kids

T'was the Night Before Deadline, Re-visited

T'was the night before deadline, and throughout CSR,
the editors were frantic as they usually are.

The issue in layout was just about done.
The typos were found: the battle was won.

The products were tested with the greatest of care,
in hopes that you readers could use what we share

Our minds were weary, the hard drives a-mess,
but we couldn't care, we were ready for press!

Then out of the night, what's that we hear?
the sounds of Fedex&emdash; a lone truck coming near?

"Stop the presses, there's more!" our editor cried,
as he brought in an Xbox to the groans and the sighs.

Of Ann, Ellen, Adrienne, Jeff, Pat and Matt
"Please! Not more reviews! We've had it with that!"

Our editor begged us, pleaded and cried,
"Think of the children," he manipulatively tried.

You guessed it; it worked… We tested some more.
We tried out the Xbox, 'til our thumbs were too sore.

So here's your next issue. It's packed with reviews,
of the latest kids games meant to teach and amuse.

We send it with hopes that it helps you to find,
the perfect new products, and bright, happy times.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, from all of us at CSR!

# # #

The following release is also available in
pdf format.


CSR's Holiday Issue Lists Hits & Misses; Takes Kids on Digital Adventures
Flemington, NJ, USA, November 1, 2001-- Active Learning Associates today released its annual holiday issue of CSR, marking an end to one of the most turbulent years in children's interactive history. "In 20 years of covering this medium, I've never seen so many incredible products," said Warren Buckleitner, CSR's Editor. "We've now had a good look at the next generation of educational and entertainment games and believe we've captured the key products and trends in our holiday issue." Buckleitner is referring to new releases like Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, the Intel Play Digital Movie Creator, the latest Zoombini adventures and three new game console platforms (the Xbox, Game Cube and Game Boy Advance). Adding to the mix is a new generation of interactive smart toys.
Hardware is only as good as the software that runs on it, so consumers need solid, critical reviews of what's available. This year, CSR's testers reviewed and rated 713 new products, and picked out the top 60 digital gifts. Along with the Holiday Buyer's Guide, this End-of-Year issue contains the following features--
  • All Star Awards -- 26 products earn 4.3 or better ratings, including the Intel Play Digital Movie Creator, Disney's Magic Artist Deluxe, Mia: Just in Time!, Pixter, Hands On: Frequency, Zoombinis Logical Journey, Hoyle Kids' Games 2002 and others.
  • That was then, this is now -- One seasoned educator rethinks violence in interactive media in light of September 11.
  • Digital Adventures -- Lately we've seen some amazing adventures for children and adults to embark upon together. We share our favorites with you.
  • A Grownups' Guide to Videogames -- Reviews of the latest games for all the new platforms, with ESRB ratings and comments from CSR's Picky Teacher.
  • CSR's School Supplement -- The latest new education titles, by subject.
  • LittleClickers: The Best News Sites for Kids -- Five sites that give children the straight scoop on current events.
  • A Kid's View on Internet Rules -- We're pleased to present a new column by Anne Collier of NetFamilyNews on Internet safety.
  • 150 new reviews -- Color coded by age group, and sorted by subject.
CSR is a publication of Active Learning Associates, Inc., an independent, educator-owned company dedicated to providing unbiased, critical reviews of children's interactive media. Subscriptions are $24/year (six issues), and include online access to 5500 past reviews. For more information, visit To start a subscription, please call 800-993-9499 from 9-5 EST.

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