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September/October 2001

Our 49th Issue (Volume 9, No. 5)

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LittleClickers columns for kids

From the Editor

CSR's Back to School Issue "Gets Picky"
Flemington, NJ, USA, September 21, 2001-- She likes hang gliding, knock-knock jokes and teaching kids to read. Like any good teacher, she has the highest standards for interactive materials. She's CSR'S new mascot, the Picky Teacher, and she can be found on the latest cover of Children's Software Revue. "She's never lacking in opinion when it comes to a new interactive product, and has been known to say the things we wish we could (but don't) in our formal written reviews" said managing editor, Ellen Wolock. This new mascot reflects CSR's commitment to delivering comprehensive, critical reviews.
"We're still CSR, but we've added the words words "New Media" to our masthead. That's because we cover all interactive media for children, including the next generation of products for consoles, smart toys and 'traditional' CDs," said Warren Buckleitner, CSR's editor. "It's not a sexy title, but it works. Please don't call us CS&NMR. It sounds too much like a railroad."
Besides 121 new reviews, this Back to School edition contains the following features--
• Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Mouse -- Some conservative educators are claiming that computers can damage kids' brains, making them less creative, twitchy and all around no fun. What gives?
• What Every Home Software Library Should Have-- a grade-by-grade guide.
• Grownups' Guide to Videogames-- reviews of the latest games, with ESRB ratings and comments from the Picky Teacher.
• All Star Awards-- 19 new products take the prize, including the Jumbo Music Block, JumpStart Wildlife Safari, Seeds of Peace and Midisaurus.
• CSR's School Supplement-- new education titles, by subject.
• Little Clickers: Peek Inside a Dinosaur's Egg-- five recommended dinosaur sites for children.
• Capturing the Magic of Interactive Media-- Ingredients of successful interactive media products.
• Harvard Study Questions ESRB Ratings-- A discussion of the study, along with a response from the ESRB.

CSR is a publication of Active Learning Associates, Inc., an educator owned and run business dedicated to providing critical reviews of children's interactive media. Subscriptions are $24/year (six issues), and include online access to 5000 past reviews. For more information, visit To speak with an editor or request a sample issue call 908-284-0404.


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A note from
Warren Buckleitner,Editor of CSR

Contents of This Issue

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Mouse?
What Every Home Computer Library Should Have
Reviews for Preschool & Kindergarten
Reviews for Early Elementary
Reviews for Upper Elementary
Reviews for Middle & High School
Grownups Guide to Videogames
All Star Poster (home and schools)
Capturing the Magic of Interactive Media
Harvard Study Questions ESRB Ratings
LittleClickers: Peek Inside a Dinosaur Egg
Straight From the Testers
Directory of New Releases

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