September/October 2002

Our 55nd Issue (Volume 10, No.5)

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The Digital Learning Revolution -- Progress or Inertia?

Back in 1984, the Mac and the IBM PC were newborns and many educators excitedly predicted that these devices would forever change schools.
Almost two decades later, computers have not made a significant difference for most teachers. Basals still dominate the K-6 curriculum, and stacks of workbooks still fill student desks. Sure, classroom computers are used for word processing, or maybe Internet searches, but complete integration with curriculum is still a long way off.
Some interesting technology innovations do find their way into schools, via tech-savvy teachers and gadget-loving administrators. Take the Palm handhelds, for example, which have become popular with teachers and students for specific tasks like keeping a calendar or scoring reading tests. On page 23 , check out Ann Orr's in-depth examination of some of the better educational Palm OS applications. Other tech breakthroughs are coming from the world of toys, from companies like Neurosmith and Leapfrog. Gadgets like Phonics Tiles (page 5), for instance, let children play with letters the way they would blocks, with the added bonus of hearing the words they "build" read out loud.
Be sure to check out our review of I Spy Challenger -- a great logical thinking activity for the Game Boy Advance. Game Boys in the classroom? Now there's an interesting idea!
Stay tuned for a wild 2003.
Ann, Ellen and Warren
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