Summer 2004

Our 64th Issue (Volume 12, No.2)

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Summer 2004
Vol. 12, No. 2, Issue 64

News & Research, page 3

2004 Fall Preview, page 4

Software News

Ages 3-6, page 7
Ages 5-8, page 9
Ages 8-12, page 11
Ages 12-up, page 13
New Titles for Schools, page 16

New Software for the Pixter, page 9

New Parental Controls, page 14
Dummies Software, page 15

School Supplement, page 16

LittleClickers: Internet Games Worth Bookmarking, page 19

Parent's Videogame Advisor (page 22-25)
A First Look at the PSP & Nintendo DS

New Console Tittles
Game Boy Advance and Windows/Mac
All Star Awards - Games
Mailbag, page 26
New Media Mall, page 28
Dust or Magic, page 30
Directory, page 31
All Star Awards, Back Cover

Summer Issue, 2004

By golly, we have a lot to report since our last issue! Ann Orr has just returned from the NECC conference in New Orleans (see Ann's report on page 16), and I've been just about everywhere --- to Bologna Italy, for the Bologna Children's Book Fair; to South Korea for a lecture for the Korean Society of Children's Media; to Los Angeles to the E3 show and a panel at the MIT Learning Arcade; and to Washington, DC for the IDC conference where I was able to pick some brains for this issue of LittleClickers. If we're a bit late with this issue, that's our excuse! But we sure have a lot to bring you up to date on.

The biggest news is the opening of the Mediatech Foundation in our home town, which will house our software library, and will provide a home for future research and testing activities. Located in the upstairs of our library, this is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that will showcase the latest software and hardware in a public laboratory. It is a noisy, exciting place, where the latest technology is the catalyst for socialization and learning. If you make it to Flemington, NJ, please drop in and give us a visit.

Enjoy the issue!

A staff change note: Tracey Lyons will be taking Pat Sevchuk's position as Circulation Director, Tracy will start in August. Welcome Tracey!

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