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The Bologna Children's Book Fair and Children's Software Revue have announced the winners of the world's first international software competition in an ambitious effort to recognize examples of excellence in children's new media on a global scale. The 36 winners were selected by seven independent software reviewers representing Asia, Europe and North America during a two-day session (February 28 to March 2, 1997) in La Jolla, California. The resulting list contains examples of software that has set new standards of quality in this emerging medium.

Number of titles considered: 976 (from January 1996 to February 1997)
Number of countries represented: 25
Number of winners: 36 in 15 categories
Names of the Jurors: Warren Buckleitner (Editor, Children's Software Revue, USA), Carol Ellison (Education Editor, HomePC, USA), Joachim Kautz, Technical Director (FutureKids, Germany), Kyung Woo Lee (Professor, Ewha Women's University, S. Korea), Judy Salpeter (Editor, Technology & Learning, USA), Peter Scisco (Independent Reviewer, USA), and Jon Smith, (Editor, CD-ROM Today, UK).

Winners of the prize were recognized on April 10, 1997 at the opening ceremony of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bologna Italy. A CD-ROM was available at that time, containing demonstrations of the winning titles and an interview with the jury.


Best Interactive Storybook
Janosch-Riesenparty Fuer Den Tiger (Navigo Multimedia)
Orly's Draw-A-Story (Broderbund)

Best Children's Reference Title
Oxford Children's Encyclopedia (Oxford University Press)
Microsoft Encarta '97 (Microsoft)

Best Internet Site for Children
Award for Web Innovation: Castle Infinity (Starwave)
Award for Best Web Site: Yahooligans (Yahoo, Inc.)

Best Math Titles
Interactive Math Journey (The Learning Company)
Mighty Math Calculating Crew (Edmark Corp.)

Best Logic/Problem Solving Titles
Playskool Puzzles (Hasbro Interactive)
The Logical Journey of the Zoombinies (Broderbund)
The Intelligent House (Lego Dacta)

Best Science Titles
The Universe According to Virgil Reality (7th Level)
Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 (DK Multimedia)

Best History Titles
Castle Explorer (DK Multimedia)
Versailles (Cryo Interactive)

Best Geography Titles
Gigglebone Gang World Tour (Headbone)
WorldWalker, Destination: Australia (Soleil)
Microsoft Encarta 1997 World Atlas (Microsoft)

Best Contribution to Children's Music
Tommy & Oscar: The Phantom of the Theatre (Rainbow s.r.l.)
SimTunes (Maxis)
Guitar Hits Volume 2 (Ubi Soft)

Best Title for Promoting Children's Creativity
Stanley's Sticker Stories (Edmark Corp.)
Zoi VR Blocks (Zoi World Co.)
Microsoft Creative Writer 2 (Microsoft Corp).

Best Reading Innovation
Arthur's Reading Race (The Living Books)
Write, Camera, Action (Broderbund)

Most Innovative Title (Novita)
Orly's Draw-A-Story (Broderbund)
Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland (DreamWorks Interactive)

Best Multidisciplinary Titles
Noddy (BBC Multimedia)
Adi Series/Schoolhouse (Sierra On-Line)

Just for Fun
Freddi Fish and the Case of the Haunted School House (Humongous Entertainment)
Pajama Sam: Whose Afraid of the Dark (Humongous Entertainment)
Sid Meier's Civilization II (MicroProse)

Best Contribution to Children's Art
Look What I See (Mitsubishi Chemical Co.)
The Louvre Museum (Voyager)
Masterpiece Mansion (Philips)


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