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About Warren: Warren Buckleitner established Children's Technology Review following 10 years of research at the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation. In 1995, he was awarded the SIIA's Codie Award for "Best Software Reviewer," the only journalist to ever receive a Codie award. From 1997-2003 he coordinated the Bologna New Media Prize, a global award program for children's interactive media. He is an advisor to Consumer Reports WebWatch and teaches at NYU and Rutgers University's Graduate School of Education. He is also a regular contributor to the New York Times Circuits page, and writes for Parents, PARADE and Scholastic Parent & Child.

In his speeches, Dr. Buckleitner brings his experiences as a parent, reviewer, former classroom teacher (preschool, fourth and sixth grades), teacher trainer, Library Trustee and community organizer.

He holds a BS in Elementary Education (cum laude) from Central Michigan University, an MS in human development (Pacific Oaks College) and a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Michigan State University.

He is also the founder of the Dust or Magic Institute on Children's Interactive Media and the Mediatech Foundation, a community technology center located in Flemington, NJ. He likes to try to IM with his two teenage daughters.

"I enjoyed your presentation and got some great ideas. I felt that you made the idea of using technology not so scary for those of us who don't use it."
Tricia Pierce




Workshops and Keynotes by Warren Buckleitner
I very much enjoy speaking to groups, especially educators and librarians, about topics related to children and technology. Note that I can't accept payment from groups whose products that I might review (this would be a conflict of interest). Feel free to contact me about dates and logistics. Here's a talk I did for Michigan Virtual University (this version has been edited for length -- you can see the full version at

Keynote Topics
* Exploiting the Power of Educational Technology If you could dial a time machine back to 1958, B.F. Skinner would be putting the final touches on his Teaching Machine. Skinner predicted, as one of the world’s most famous educational psychologists, that this technological device would fundamentally change classroom practice. Exactly 50 years later in 2008, iPhones, Google or various devices can bring any map, fact or educational game in front of students at the touch of a finger. But what do all these technologies mean for the business of schooling? Of course, nobody can actually predict the future, but when you look at commercial products as the individual “dots,” and apply the lens of a classroom teacher, a more accurate vision for the future of schooling begins to crystallize. In his talk, Buckleitner will show how the technology-driven educational changes predicted by Skinner and others are starting to happen and offers hints of where the future might lead. This talk will inspire educators of all levels to think broadly about technology, both in and out of school.

Other Keynote or Workshop Topics
* The Mediatech Story. What happens when you put 4000 video games in a public library? In 2003, the Mediatech Foundation opened, and is currently serving the community of Flemington NJ. It was the result of a lot of hard work, and things didn't always go as planned. Learn how to
a) organize and circulate software using traditional library circulation systems.
b) add 20 Internet stations to your library, in a social, noisy context.
c) How to create gaming stations using the latest systems, in a way that minimizes theft and encourages socialization.
d) build community support for the idea.
e) raise money.

* A Video Game Primer for Educators. Do you know the difference between a Wii and a PS3? You will after this workshop. The educational potential of games -- and their realistic limitations for library or classroom use will be discussed.

* Preschool 2.0. What does Web 2.0 mean for early childhood educators? This is a workshop adapted specifically for early childhood educators (ages birth to 5 years).

* Is it Dust, or is it Magic? How to recognize quality in interactive media— an ideal workshop for teachers, librarians or designers.

* "Googlizing" your Classroom. We'll take a closer look at Google, Google tools and Google docs, and discuss how you can use them to support your existing curriculum.

Logistics, Prices and Details
Materials Needed: Most workshops need an auditorium or classroom equipped with a projection screen and sound system. A microphone is required for groups over 40 and a piano is nice, but not required.

Request a Workshop
Please contact us directly for prices, dates and details.

1-800-993-9499 (phone)
1-908-284-0404 (phone)
1-908-284-0405 (fax)

Or by mail to:
Active Learning Associates, Inc.
120 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822

"I enjoyed the workshop-- You obviously know pre-K and the way you taught us mirrors your teaching skills."
Candie Wright

"I didn't really want to come today because I would've much rather been in my classroom. However, within 10-15 minutes of the beginning, I began changing my mind and was hooked within 30 minutes. Thanks for making the day fun (and funny). You eased a lot of boredom and I'm just not talking about myself. The information you presented was very helpful to me and my classroom. I got lots of great ideas for integrating technology. I'd not thought of giving the camera to the children, and so many other ideas! Thanks"... Sandie

"I enjoyed your ideas of application in the classroom. You were very personable and knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed your enthusiasm toward children and that you have actually been in the classroom." Susan Montagne

"Thank you for putting ideas into my head! I have always wanted to implement slide shows, etc. into my school year and until now I had no idea it could be so easy. I can't wait to install some of these programs both at home and school. I think my own children will love movie making, etc. Thank you!"


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