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Small but mighty, CTR has become the publication of record on interactive learning products. Each issue is closely read by over 5000 parents, teachers, workshop leaders, grandparents, librarians, professors and publishers. All are concerned with empowering children with interactive technology.

"With the multitude of children's software titles now available, I couldn't survive without you!" --Donna Garber, Parent East Meadow, NY

"In the Computer Learning Foundation's opinion, the Children's Software Revue offers the best reviews of children's software we've found. You'll find detailed, unbiased reviews of new releases in a timely fashion and information on the formats available, age level, price and publisher." Computer Learning Foundation

"You are providing a great service and a great product." --Dr. Robert Colligan, Mayo Clinic


Children's Technology Review

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"CTR is the only source I trust... Your reviews are not superficial."

Shelly Esser, Grandparent

"I really like how you tell it like it is... Warts and all!"

Lynn Bird, Parent


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