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How to submit products for review
We welcome submissions from any publisher. There are no fees associated with submitting products. Before you send us products, check to make sure your title is not already listed in the Children's Software Finder (TM) or in the public directory. Children's Technology Review (CTR) looks at interactive media products for children aged 2-15 years.

There are no charges or fees associated with the review process. CTR considers commercially available CD-ROMs, DVDs, disks, Internet sites, toys that use microprocessor technology, and handheld games. Please include the following information with each submission: the street price, standard press materials, hardware information and the name of a contact in case we have problems or questions. Final packaging is nice but not necessary. We like to look at pre-release (alpha or beta) versions of products as long as you provide some indication of the product's progress. Again, packaging or promotional materials are not necessary. We're more interested in the end product.

Where to send materials:

Lisa Della Fave, Software Librarian
Children's Technology Review
120 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822

908-284-0404 (phone)
908-284-0405 (fax)

How to submit an Internet site For children's Internet sites, send an e-mail message with the URL of your site to editor Warren Buckleitner (warren at Please include the following information in the body of your message:

1. Site Name
2. Company name, address, phone, fax, contact name and e-mail address
3. A short description of your site (give us a general idea of what it is).

What not to send Please don't attach files to e-mail messages.

Will you hear from us? (TO TOP)
Yes. Anyone that sends a product is notified within four weeks via first class mail. Once you receive a letter, it means that your product as been will be entered into CTR's database, although it may not be posted for another 30 days. This does not guarantee it will be reviewed, however. If you have not heard from us for more than 5 weeks, please call or send an e-mail inquiry and we'll track your product.

Reviews will appear in the next print issue of the magazine, and will be posted in the Children's Software Finder.

What if you don't agree with the review or notice a mistake? (TO TOP)
Publishers are welcome to submit their opinions about a review, which are posted in the Children's Software Finder. We especially appreciate learning about any changes, planned improvements or modifications, or other details. Use this form. To better understand how a product earns its rating, you may want to consult CTR's Software Evaluation Instrument.

What happens to products that are submitted? (TO TOP)
New titles are cataloged and immediately sent to test families. Once we have enough information to assign a rating, we publish the review in our database, which first appears in our periodical and then in our online database. In addition to CTR's periodical, we also consider this review information for articles we might also be working on for other publications. Once the review process is completed, software is archived at the Mediatech Foundation, a non-profit community technology center. Publishers and researchers are welcome to visit the Foundation's library, located in Flemington, New Jersey. Please visit the Mediatech's web site for more information.

Use of Award Seals (TO TOP)
The Editor's Choice Seal (formerly called the All Star Award Seal) may be used by a publisher for the year it was earned. Publishers are notified by email and regular mail .

(click on the image to download a higher resolution image)

Contact us for earlier versions (lisa at

Terms of Use for Seals: Notice that these seals can only be used with written permission, and there are no associated fees with using these images (this is not a profit-making activity). You must agree to the following rules in order to use a seal: (1) If the software is upgraded or changed (as marked by a change in the title or ISBN number) the seal may not be used until a new review is conducted. (2) Editor's Choice Seal Award seals are dated. You must use the seal marked with the correct year. Editor's Choice Award Seals are available in electronic form, or you can order them for the cost of printing from a company not associated with the publisher of Children's Technology Review. That company is Printech (908-806-7820).

To use a quote (TO TOP)
All quotes or excerpts from reviews must be properly referenced (Issue and date) and approved by a CTR editor. To have a quote approved, please send it via fax to 908-284-0405. We will sign or modify the quote, and send it back to you.

Linking to reviews (TO TOP)
It is possible to link directly to any review found in the online Children's Software Finder database without the need for a password. To get the URL for the review, please contact us.

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