Children's Software Revue Test Families 

Here's a list of participating CSR test families for a typical issue of CSR (this list is from our May 2002 issue). These are families that use of software for an extended period of time, and give us feedback for our featured reviews. They fill out a one page test family form.

Want to be a trained test family? We use local families with late model computers, who we can train for increased review reliablity. If you're within driving distance of Flemington, NJ or Ann Arbor, MI, please give us a call (908-284-0404). We always welcome the comments and feedback of any family and any interactive learning product.

Testers For May/June 2002

Thanks to the following families and classrooms from New Jersey and Michigan who reviewed software for this issue of Children's Software Revue.

Testers For This Issue

Thanks to the following families and classrooms from New Jersey and Michigan who reviewed products for this issue.

Dana Andrews, 10; Jessica Andrews, 12; Christian Bollin, 9; Tony Bossard, 13; Jenna Buckleitner, 7; Sarah Buckleitner, 10; M Burton, 30; Ian Bydalek, 3; Addie Bydalek, 6; Jamie Colasurdo, 11; Steven Crew, 6; Danielle Demers, 10; Nicholas Demers, 6; Schuyler Dugle, 8; Cassidy Durkee, 3; Scott Evans, 11; Lauren Fiorilla, 11; Sloane Forbush, 7; Zachary Forbush, 5; Michael Francavilla, 9; Nicole Francavilla, 7; Jordan Fusco, 5; Morgan Fusco, 3; Nicholas Gerhartz, 5; Aaron Gervasio, 2; Will Gervasio, 6; Frank Gradl, 9; Tyler Gradl, 4; Molly Gradl, 2; Paige Grettenberger, 8; Anna Grettenberger, 6; Bryan Herlihy, 13; Laura Henry, 8; Erin Hilgen, 7; Curtis Hill, 5; Jarrett Hill 10; Steve Hollander, 12; James Hollander, 12; Rachel Hughes, 6; Jimmy Klein (8); Michele Kurowicki, 15; Austin Lyons, 7; Connor Lyons, 5; Owen Lyons, 2; Jordan Maginnis, 9; Luke Maginnis, 6; Brigitte Mania, 7; Jillian Orr, 13; Kelsey Orr, 11; T.J. Orr, 7; Jordan Maginnes; James Mania, 1; Brigitte Mania, 5; Paul Mania, 7; David Marks, 8; Adam Noboa, 14; Alex Noboa, 9; Billy O'Neil 14; Tyler Parker, 10; Tori Pinello, 8; Diana Pinello, 5; Elisabeth Rosetti, 16; Lauren Ross, 9; A.J. Ross, 8; Mehyar Sadri, 13; Alex Schlicklin, 12; Zack Schlicklin, 18; Taylor Schlicklin, 7; Andy Semanchik, 15; Kasey Semanchik, 13; Kristen Semanchik, 10; Mike Semanchik, 7; David Sheneman, 9; Matthew Sheneman, 6; Sarah Sokoloski, 3; Zak Sokoloski, 6; Andrew Sheneman, 2; Kira Sirois, 7; Greg Stambach, 9; Lauren Stover, 7; Trudy Suleiman, 39, Andrea Stess, 6; David Stess, 10; Daniel Swartz, 11, Caitlin Tarantiles, 10; Cobi Tarantiles, 7; Jamie Tarantiles, Miles Ward, 5; Abby Westlein, 3; Alex Westlein, 5; Tim Wolock, 10; Alison Wolock, 14; Jeff Yankowski, 13; Kelly Yankowski, 13.

Many thanks also to Jodi Brush's 4th Grade Class at Desmares Elementary, Doreen Raksvagg, Daycroft Montessori, Suzanne Ivans of the Stockton Schools. Thanks also to intern Matt Ivans and Grandma down the hall,

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