Where to Find Reviews of Children's Software on the Internet

Here's a handy list of links to other sites that contain review information on children's software. If you know of other sources that you have personally benefited from that you think we should add, please let us know.

This huge online catalog is a great place to see what other people think. The children's software section includes some editorial reviews from CSR.

California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse
Here you can access the Technology in Curriculum (TIC) Evaluations database, with reviews of 2000+ different educational products.

Department of Educational Leadership
The School of Education at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is undertaking this experimental project to gather and share evaluations of educational software. The evaluations are being completed by teachers in the area, and the results are being stored in a database and shared with anyone who might be interested. 

EPIE Institute
http://www.interhelp.com/epie_tess.htm A nonprofit organization run by one of the early pioneers in software evaluation, Kenneth Komoski. EPIE sells The Educational Software Selector ( TESS ) database containing information on over 19,000 products marketed to schools and for the home from over 1,300 different publishers. Its continually updated version is available online on the World Wide Web; and distributed semi-annually on CD-ROM.

EvaluTech is a free, searchable database of curriculum-related print, non-print and technology reviews specifically for Pre-K-12 educators based on the NCPDI print publication InfoTech.North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Educational Technology Programs Division

Apple computer's web based collection of reviews of just about everything, including software.

Only the Best: The Annual Guide to the Highest Rated Software and Multimedia
This annual book and CD takes a survey software reviewing publications and reports on "only the best." It is designed for educational use (schools and libraries). If you're looking for a nice list of review sources, this is a good book to get.

This site collects reviews about a variety of products, from books to some software.

A selection of reviews of software titles. The belief is that each review is only an opinion, the more
concurring independent opinions you can have, the better you understand what each software does.

Sunday School Software
A required stop for anyone involved with religious education.  

Superkids Educational Software Review
This site contains software reviews with ratings, along with a nice collection of articles on various education topics. The reviews are interesting to read, and the articles are useful.

Technology & Learning
Offers a nice searchable database of reviews from past issues of the magazine.

"The virtual world for real people." A nice source of illustrated reviews from 40 different US-based reviewers. Reviews cover games, the Internet, education, and more. Overall, a very nice site.

Ziff Davis Software Library
ZDNET Software Library contains ratings of shareware and software demos that can be downloaded on the spot.

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